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Is the Young Smooth Skin safe to take during pregnancy and nursing?
Yes, it is safe, with no side effects

Is the herbal formula Young Smooth Skin safe to use with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure…. etc.
Yes, it is safe for all medical conditions

How long do I have to take Young Smooth Skin for?
Each person is different. By age 40 the nutrition to the skin starts to deplete so the earlier you start to supplement, the better the results will be for smoothness and youthful looking skin. If you start taking our herb Young Smooth Skin at later ages, let us say above 60 years, then to keep up with looking young you need to continue for a longer period of time to see good results. But in general the more you supplement nutrition for the skin with our herbal blend, the more possibilities you have to see improvements to your skin compared to others who take nothing and their skin simply continues losing elastin etc. as they age

How soon should I expect to see results when I take the herbal formula Young Smooth Skin?
By three months, you already will see significant results

Does Young Smooth Skin interfere or interact with any medication?
No, it is safe with all medications

What type of hair loss does Young Smooth Skin help?
It reduces hair loss if the reason is lack of adequate nutrition to hair. Also it can help for hair loss due to certain conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease. One will notice a considerable improvement often to the point of complete stoppage of hair loss.

Does Young Smooth Skin straighten out your forehead horizontal lines or correct permanent damage to an area of the skin such as scars?
No, Young Smooth Skin does not reverse permanent damage. However, it helps to supply and nourish the skin with the needed nutrition to stay young and smooth, like it generally is before the age of 40. It helps to prevent and repair wrinkles and fragility from old age skin by increasing specific nutrients to the skin all over the body (not just the face or hands).
But any permanent marks due to old age or damage to the skin such as scars from surgeries or accidents or deep cuts, will look better by one year but will not revert to the clear, smooth skin before the damage.

Is Young Smooth Skin also for men or only for women?
It is for both. Nutrition for skin is necessary for men and women as they age.

If a man takes Young Smooth Skin, would it prevent him from becoming bald?
This product is not to prevent baldness. That has a totally different cause and nothing to do with nutrition. If it is hereditary or hormone related, it will not prevent hair loss. But if the hair loss is caused by nutritional deficiencies, it has been shown to be of benefit and to reduce hair loss.